Exploring Melbourne

DSC_0490Weeks are flying by and already we are greeted with a coolness in the air, and easter eggs have been in the front rows of our supermarkets. I don’t mind too much. I like a change. One thing I’ve decided to do more of this year is excursions. I want to break up our weeks and months with bursts of randomness, having fun exploring for new and interesting things. We have been on holidays in recent years, here and there, but forget what gems are in our own part of the world.

This Wednesday we had one of those days. Our homeschool co-op had booked in an excursion to Scienceworks, seeing as we are all studying Chemistry and Physics together. Perfect! Until we get the message that one of the staff there had booked in the wrong day. I wasn’t about to let that keep me home, so we decided that we would jump on the train and explore our beautiful city Melbourne.

My parents joined us and we had the most amazing time visiting various places. My dad is a tour guide and so what better person to point us in the right direction but him!!??!!

We made no official plans of places to visit, and I decided that I would take it as it comes, and also how the kids coped walking around all day. They were amazing and I was in pain having chosen fashion over comfort. Eek. Lesson learnt!!

Best part? We spent nothing except on our train tickets, and a few doughnuts, which we probably could’ve done without (thou they were yummy!)

Some of the places we visited were

Treasury building – truly an amazing place, where people used to keep their gold that they found, back in the gold rush, safe. Only problem was that if their cart got robbed before making it to the building, all was lost. No insurance back in those days!! Lots of areas for the kids to look in, and they got to explore the holding cells where all the gold used to be kept.

Cost: FREE

Federation Square – Up above the playground at Fed Square, there is the rooftop gardens. They just showed them on My Kitchen Rules this week, so the kids were excited that they had been there. You can see how to make a small garden work in your own home, and then once you have finished looking around, take the stairs down to the ground level and voila – Fed Square playground. So fun and kids of all ages can have fun here.

Cost: FREE

Sofitel Hotel – My dad insisted we take the kids up to level 35 and go to the toilet. Seriously. As we opened the door to the women’s toilets, we were greeted with the most beautiful view of the city, looking over at the MCG and Richmond. My girls were so fascinated with the toilet view! Apparently the men’s toilets have a better view – I took my dad’s word for it.

Cost: FREE

National Art Gallery of Melbourne – Lastly, we had a quick look at a few exhibits in the gallery. It was their first visit there. The girls loved looking up at the stained glass roof in one of the rooms. There was multiple pictures taken as they lay on the floor. We decided to take a look at another exhibit, dating back to the 1800’s. After passing many naked statues, Peachy declares “mum, these statues are kinda weird” which brought us into an interesting discussion on why they were naked. All in the name of art!?!

Cost: FREE

All in all it was a fabulous day, with lots of laughs and chatter, and plans for our next adventure to wherever our train would take us. What places have you explored in your home town?

Love Love xx


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